Boosting Food Manufacturing Traceability

Did you know that for companies in the food manufacturing industry, in the event of food contamination, poor traceability can lead to more product recalls than what was necessary? This makes boosting traceability a must. It not only protects your consumers but you’ll also be able to protect your company by faster, low-cost recalls that inflict less damage to your reputation.


Tracking and Recordkeeping

 The first step to boosting your traceability lies in ensuring that you have a reliable system for tracking and recordkeeping. Your Food Safety Management System should have functions for receiving, shipping and production. You also need to integrate data like UPC codes, product order numbers, production and expiration dates and production timestamp.

Supply Chain Visibility

Another ability that you’ll require is visibility into your supply chain. You can achieve this easily by using the Supplier Management tools in your FSMS. You’ll be able to centralize your receiving and shipping records as well as easily track the source and cost of problems.


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