Hello. Dayalis Zamora here. Let me tell you something about myself.

I’m a wife to an amazing husband and we have two beautiful children. We also have a Beagle and a betta fish. I enjoy riding my bicycle, tending to my garden, knitting, cooking and a bunch of other things. But, aside from these things, I’m very passionate about one thing – helping businesses find the right solutions for their unique needs.

I have more 13 years of experience working as a solutions consultant with businesses in various types of industries. I help them find the right solution that will help them achieve compliance. Or, maybe they need a risk management software to improve their aviation safety. If what they need is an audit management software, I can also help with that.

I created this blog so I can impart the experience and knowledge I’ve gathered in all my years as a solutions consultant. Hopefully, they can be as helpful to you as they’ve been to me. Have fun reading!